The Full Pre-Wedding Questionnaire I send to my clients. Includes a total of 50 questions.

Initial email and when & where to send your questionnaire from.

The full family formals combinations, say goodbye to long family formals list.

Tips on what other important questions to ask to make sure you stay organized and are aware of any special circumstances. 


The Pre-Wedding

To ensure we always have successful wedding days, the pre-wedding questionnaire is the ultimate lifesaver for us. There's nothing worse than arriving at a wedding unprepared and not having all of your ducks in a row. 

- Kayla

“Ledia’s questionnaire has been so helpful for me in my wedding photography business! My process of collecting information from brides before their wedding is now more streamlined, organized and keeps all of their information in one place! I love that the questionnaire includes so many detailed questions to ask each bride so that I am well prepared before each wedding.” 

My process of collecting information from brides is now more streamlined!

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The 25 page Wedding Pricing Guide that communicates your value, expertise and professionalism to your clients and gives you the confidence to present your pricing with ease. 



The Verona Mobile Preset collection includes 13 color presets and 2 B&W presets to provide a variety colorful, warm & airy presets to help you maintain a consistent Instagram feed style and give you the pop of colors you've been dreaming of!  



The complete e-mail template guide that takes our clients through our entire client experience from first inquiry to album sales and sticky situations that may arise and how to handle them professionally. 


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