What kind of impression are you making online? Have you ever wondered how your clients perceive you or if your messaging, imagery and presence aligns with your brand? Our businesses now are virtual and we only have a few seconds to make a great impression. Through our brand auditing service, we dive deep into your business and help you get in alignment with the clients you want to serve. Through our auditing, we review your goals, the types of clients you want to attract and begin reviewing all of your marketing materials, imagery, branding & brand voice and so much more! Brand audits are POWERFUL and meant to help you understand what your clients TRULY desire and if you're communicating that clearly.

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You've exhausted yourself trying everything and anything and you're at a point where you just want to give up. Been there with you! 

You feel like you're business is becoming stagnant and you're not growing at the pace you want. 

You're getting inquiries but every time you respond to them, you hear crickets after you share your pricing and get ghosted or maybe you're booking clients but they're not your dream ideal clients.

You're struggling to book clients at your asking price.

You're working another part-time job until you can make photography your full time career but just don't know exactly how to have your calendar consistently filled every year with wedding or portrait clients. 

You're wanting to go full time and have consistent bookings.

this if for you if:

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We schedule a call together to go over everything and allow you the opportunity to ask questions. Our call is 30-60 minutes long and will be scheduled through zoom. 

A video-call to answer questions


A PDF Guide of Ledia's feedback.

This detailed PDF will be your golden goose. You will have my feedback on how to exponentially take your business to the next level. Every small change matters. The PDF will help you refer back to anything in the future about your brand. 


Audit of your Client Experience

Our client experience is essential from beginning to end and we work on reviewing all of your marketing materials and provide feedback on changes to copy, images and overall presentation. Enhancing your client experience will help communicate your value.


Audit of your imagery & social media.

Imagery is a powerful way to connect with your ideal client. If your images lack what your ideal client is looking for, you'll miss the mark. This image curation process will help you understand what resonates with your ideal clients and what don't.


Audit of your website, branding & overall esthetic.

We work on auditing your website, dive into specifics like fonts, colors, overall mood, logo and brand voice. My goal is to help you understand your branding, how it's communicating with your clients and uncover what your ideal client is looking for.


Complete your detailed Brand Questionnaire

This is where we discover who you are as a business owner, what you love and the type of clients you wish to serve. My goal is to discover what will help you stand out most in your market and gain deep clarity about your business.



You'll have an understanding on what changes you will need to make to begin ATTRACTING high-value clients.

You'll have a CLEAR VISION for the direction you want to take your business and an action plan to get there.

You'll have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is and  what resonates most with them.

You'll feel CONFIDENT in your service offerings and book clients with ease knowing your messaging is aligned.


how this will

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This     for you if:

You're ready and bodly transitioning into your new era of business and want to stand out from your market. 

You're comfortable with where you are and remaining a part-time business owner.

You want more clarity around your brand messaging, brand personality, copy and imagery.

You're not ready to invest in your yourself & business.

You're not sure if your brand is in alignment with your ideal client and you're having a hard time attracting them.

It's probably       for you if...

you're happy with the clients you are currently working with or have found your ideal client.



It's probably
for you if...

I signed up for Ledia’s Brand Audit in the midst of pivoting my business because I was feeling lost and needed direction on how to best position my brand. Ledia’s feedback was incredible! After filling out her initial intake form, I already began to get more clarity through the questions she was asking me, and once I reviewed her feedback everything came together! After the brand audit, I walked away with clear, tangible steps I could implement to up level my business and connect with my ideal client better. Ledia truly cares about helping you grow and build your business! I can’t wait to see the results from these shifts!

Owner of Nutrition Refresh


Christy Romano

After the brand audit, I walked away with clear, tangible steps I could implement to up level my business.

I believe each of us have greatness and untapped potential that's just waiting to become ignited. When I started my business at 20 years old, I didn’t feel prepared for what truly waited on the other side. 

The first few years of business I spent failing miserably. I was completely lost, had no formal experience in business and spent my time, money and energy trying anything and everything that I thought "could work". I lacked clarity, a thriving business & personal mindset and basically all of the above. 

Soon after, I hit rock bottom and spent every dime I saved on my business. Needless to say, I was ready to close the doors to my business for good. The tough reality hit me at age 21 along with self-doubt, low self esteem and a complete meltdown. 

I had to decide at THAT MOMENT what I truly wanted and if it was worth fighting for. When I made the choice to go all in, get help, invest in my growth, allow myself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them - everything changed. I went from a 10K year to a 65K, to 87K, to a consistent 130K year. But it wasn't the money that truly became transformational, it was ME. I stepped into the highest version of myself in business, blew my own mind and proved to myself that ANYTHING was possible. More than anything I want this for you. I want you to step into the highest version of yourself and feel empowered doing so. 

Meet Ledia

Your personal business side-kick

Audit of your client experience, communication, marketing materials & More.

Your golden goose PDF guide from me with all of my feedback. 

Brand Audit

in-depth questionnaire to help me learn more about you, your brand and your business goals.

An extensive review of your brand imagery, brand voice, design, overall esthetics & more. 

i'm ready!

You're ready to take the leap of faith

30-minute call with me to answer any questions you have.

You have to take the leap of faith. I know it's scary but you know what's also scary?

Looking back in 20 years with regret for the things you dreamed of because you felt too scared of failure, people's opinions and change.

If you're not sure what you need right now or would like to schedule a discovery call so we can determine what you may need most in your business, connect with us through the contact form. 

I'm excited to see your business grow but most of all, I'm excited to see YOU become the best version of yourself.

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