I believe each of us have greatness and untapped potential that's just waiting to become ignited. When I started my business at 20 years old, I didn’t feel prepared for what truly waited on the other side. 

The first few years of business I spent failing miserably. I was completely lost, had no formal experience in business and spent my time, money and energy trying anything and everything that I thought "could work". I lacked clarity, a thriving business & personal mindset and basically all of the above. 

Soon after, I hit rock bottom and spent every dime I saved on my business. Needless to say, I was ready to close the doors to my business for good. The tough reality hit 

Ledia Tashi

photographer, business & life coach

me at age 21 along with self-doubt, low self esteem and a complete meltdown. I had to decide at THAT MOMENT what I truly wanted and if it was worth fighting for. When I made the choice to go all in, get help, invest in my growth, allow myself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them - everything changed. I went from a 10K year to a 65K, to 87K, to a consistent 6-figure year. But it wasn't the money that truly became transformational, it was ME. I stepped into the highest version of myself in business, blew my own mind and proved to myself that ANYTHING was possible. More than anything I want this for you. I want you to step into the highest version of yourself and feel empowered doing so. 

My message to you is this, you are MEANT for more in this life. If you're feeling stagnant, unhappy or dissatisfied with where you're at, it's your soul nudging you that something needs to change. You're meant to grow, expand and share your unique talents with the world. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you deny your gifts and strengths. The greatest joy we experience with ourselves is being of value to others in some way. Our work is closely tied to our purpose and our purpose is tied to our happiness.

My mission as a coach is not only to help entrepreneurs on how to build wildly irresistible businesses, but become the best version of themselves in the process. Our businesses are a reflection of us, our values, our beliefs and how we choose to show up in the world affects us personally and in our professional life. 

You have to take the leap of faith. I know it's scary but you know what's also scary?

Looking back in 20 years with regret for the things you dreamed of because you felt too scared of failure, people's opinions and change.

Our journey in life is not meant be alone and I only wished I had the courage to reach out for help in my business sooner. My guess is, you're lacking the confidence and courage at this moment to reach for the stars. You're not sure how to take your business from where you are to where you want it to be. You're turning your wheels, are struggling to make your business full time and now you've reached the point of exhaustion.

I firmly believe that if we find the courage to reach out for help, it can do amazing things for your own life and your business. When we invest in ourselves and our businesses we're telling the universe we're SERIOUS about our goals. Every time I've up-leveled in my business, it has always taken calculated & sometimes large investments to create breakthroughs. Last year alone I invested more than 10K in education, mentorship and programs alone. 

You have exactly
what it takes!

Are you ready?

let's do this!

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

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Our business coaching program will allow us to focus on your business as a whole. We dive deep into what is working and what isn't and revamp your entire business starting from your branding, to your client experience, your sales process, client communication, marketing strategy & so much more!

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