Learn how to master your camera, lighting, and which lenses to use in each scenario and be able to understand what truly makes remarkable photos stand out like an industry leading photographer.

learn photography in under 2 hours.

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What took me 10 years to master as a professional photographer, you'll be able to digest clearly in
2 hours or less. 

Your time is valuable and my goal is for you to walk away in 2 hours knowing everything you need to start photographing your next family or portrait session. 

It doesn't have to be complicated and we break everything down in simple terms with examples to help you TRULY understand the functions you're learning. 

Explained SIMPLY without the fluff.


Simple is my language!

Intro to Photography

An intensive, crash introductory course into photography for beginners or intermediate photographers who want to master their camera settings, learn how to shoot in manual, and the art of photography.


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In these first three modules we cover the basics of manual and the exposure triangle. It's important to digest this portion first as it will lead into the next few modules that help everything come full circle. Loaded with visuals, you'll learn in depth about Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed.

In this phase, you'll learn all about white balance, camera focus, camera metering and which one to choose for different lighting scenarios. You'll be given examples, tips from me and the settings I personally use for each scenario.

what we cover

The Basics of Manual

White Balance, Focus & Metering

Phase one

Phase two

In this phase, we'll dive into the power of flash and we'll simplify how the settings work with your camera. We will then cover the rules of composition & what makes images so captivating. In the last portion of this phase, we'll cover the different examples of lighting and how to maneuver through them with ease.

Flash, Composition & Lighting

phase three

Not sure where to even begin with your equipment, I'm giving away my starter camera gear recommendations and a list of my own gear!

Camera Starter Gear

Bonus #1

In this bonus, we cover in depth the different types of lenses, focal lengths and when to use each one for what you intend to photograph. This will also help you understand the differences between prime lenses & zoom lenses with clear examples.

In-Depth Lesson on Lenses.

Bonus #2




You've completed the course, now what? We have a module to help you start things on the right foot as you begin your journey! You'll have additional support on what to focus first and the best tips I've learned along the way.

Ledia's Tips for Success

Bonus #3



Daibelys Johnson

Ledia’s Intro to Photography course was amazing!! I am pretty new to photography and in my first couple of months there was so much trial and error. Even though I looked for education online and watched YouTube videos, I still couldn’t understand all the photography terminology so I still had no idea what they were taking about or how to work my camera. With Ledia’s course, I was finally able to have that “AHA” moment. 

She explains and then shows you examples, which as a visual learner is so helpful. The tips she includes in this course are great and I have found my self already using them and seeing a difference in my pictures.  I would recommend this course to everyone and couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you, thank you!

"Ledia explains the basics of photography so well and does it in such a way that is so easy to understand."

I can whole-heartedly share that her journey to coaching started long before making the decision to do so as she has been coaching me in real life for years. Once I discovered I could sign up for an hour of her time and gain clarity for my business, I moved swiftly to complete the questionnaire that was sent as intentionally as possible to ensure she understood my needs. 

Once on the call, she wasted no time to share with me the one thing I needed to focus on to push my needle forward in a big way. I imagine if this were our first interaction, she would have taken the time to get to know me prior to getting straight to business, but I'm glad I was able to maximize our time in this way. After sharing that one thing, Ledia reassured me that it was possible by laying out the small steps to accomplish the big goal. This was a game changer for me because it is so easy to become overwhelmed in entrepreneurship as a solopreneur. I highly recommend enlisting Ledia's expertise to help you get clear and take action! 


Owner of Glow by Natalia Barlow


Natalia Barlow

Ledia is a consummate professional with style and intellect that translates well into this newfound world of coaching!

I signed up for Ledia’s Brand Audit in the midst of pivoting my business because I was feeling lost and needed direction on how to best position my brand. Ledia’s feedback was incredible! After filling out her initial intake form, I already began to get more clarity through the questions she was asking me, and once I reviewed her feedback everything came together! After the brand audit, I walked away with clear, tangible steps I could implement to up level my business and connect with my ideal client better. Ledia truly cares about helping you grow and build your business! I can’t wait to see the results from these shifts!


Owner of Nutrition Refresh


Christy Romano

After the brand audit, I walked away with clear, tangible steps I could implement to up level my business.

In just two hours, you'll feel confident in using your camera and understand manual mode.


this for a moment

You have more clarity on what Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO are how they work together to create perfectly exposed images.


You no longer fear going to a shoot and accidentally changing a setting not knowing how to navigate
through it.


You finally are in on the secret of how photographers capture dreamy photographs. 


You feel like less stressed and overwhelmed with your camera and all of the different functions it entails. 



ready to dive in?

This is a crash course into photography with jammed packed information broken down in easy to digest videos. I'm a firm believer in explaining things simply and effectively in a short time.

13 easy to digest modules 

complicated concepts simplified

Have a question while you're going through the course? You'll be able to access support through your account for additional assistance and clarification.

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The course is broken down in 13-easy to follow modules with visual examples to help you fully digest each concept. You'll have my guidance along the way with tips & tricks to help you grow in the process.

ready as I'll ever be!

meet ledia - Luxury wedding photographer & Business coach

I started my photography business when I was just 18 years old with no clue how to use a camera. I struggled to understand how to properly use my camera in the very beginning and it held be back from truly capturing portraits that were captivating. Fast-forward to now, I've been able to build a successful and consistent six-figure business from my passion for photographing using the techniques & concepts I teach in this course. 

My goal has been to make photography easy to learn for everyone without the guess work. I've simplified everything down for you to enjoy learning photography and feel confident using your camera at your next session. I'm excited to see you thrive on this journey and be your guide along the way.

Ledia Tashi

meet your educator,

How long will it take me to complete this course?

In one sitting, you will be able to complete the course in less than two hours. However, we suggest taking the time to make notes in your workbook provided with the course to fully grasp all technicalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special software to view the course?

Nope, everything will be available through our online learning program which you can easily access on your computer or mobile device.

Do I need prior photography experience before taking this course?

No, we've broken everything down for you to digest as easily as possible even without experience. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course!

Will I have additional support after the course?

Absolutely, I care about your success and want to make sure you complete the course feeling confident in your abilities as a photographer so if you have any additional questions after the course, I am happy to answer them for you!

Am I required to have a camera before taking the course?

We recommend it but it's not required. If you do have a DSLR camera handy, you can begin practicing as you're taking the course. 

Understand your camera in manual mode and have  more confidence when you photograph.

Understand Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO in depth.

Have confidence when you're at sessions with clients.

Be able to capture perfectly exposed photographs you're proud of.

Understand the different types of lenses and why it's important you choose the right ones.

Have the confidence to call yourself a professional photographer!

By the end of this course, you will...




An intensive, crash introductory course into photography for beginners or intermediate photographers who was to master their camera settings, learn how to shoot in manual and the art of photography.


normally $249






Sale Price: $149